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I have been writing and sharing traveling tips in South Korea. You may or may not have noticed the topics and places I cover are usually off the beaten track. I am a true believer of slow travel, and one of the best travel tips I have for anyone who visits South Korea is to travel like a local. And the best travel guides? Again, are the locals.

Thank God we now have that connects the travelers with the locals. I depend on this online platform a lot when I travel overseas. With the tips given by my Airbnb hosts from different countries, I was able to eat out at places only the locals frequent, enjoy my weekend visiting a hideaway market and ultimately, getting a sense of belonging from a home away from home.

If you have a wanderlust soul and looking for a unique, “live like a Seoulite” experience, you NEED to check out these 10 cool and unusual Airbnb Korea homes while planning your itinerary to South Korea.

1. Nordic Nous

This Airbnb Korea listing reflects understated elegance. 3 designers have incorporated simplicity and functionality to this beautiful Scandinavian home, right at the center of Gangnam district. I especially admire the clean-lined furniture and the designer’s talent for infusing everything with light. Gangnam Style with a Scandi twist, anyone?

Image Credit: 1409 Studio. https://goo.gl/YMe2J5 

1409 studio 1

1409 studio 3

1409 studio 4

2. For the Cafe Enthusiast

Fancy starting your day in the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee? Check out this hidden property tucked in the alleyway of Itaewon, Seoul’s international district with an endless lineup of exotic eateries to dine, drink and be merry! The bungalow function as a guesthouse, a cafe by day and a bar by night.

Image Credit: ANDO STAY 101 Itaewon. https://goo.gl/NbHu0O

cafe 3a

cafe 2a

cafe 4a

Cafe Ando Itaewon Seoul 카페안도 이태원

3. Rooftop Secret Garden

Mrs. Kim’s rooftop apartment is truly an urban oasis! How about sipping sweet Makgeolli (Korean Rice Wine) at a rooftop BBQ party with a local family during your stay in Seoul? It is your greatest chance to understand the local lifestyle better!

Image Credit: Rooftop Cosy Place @ Seoul Jamsil. https://goo.gl/EL6otw

rooftop 1

rooftop 2

rooftop 3

rooftop 4

4. A Panoramic Stay

Enjoy a the wide panoramic stay overlooking the Seoul city skyline, and to relax enjoying the idyllic landscape at sunset. Conveniently located near the Seoul Station, it is a huge apartment that accommodates up to 16 people.

Image Credit: Wow Apartment. https://goo.gl/kQh7zY

pano 3

pano 1

pano 2

pano 4

pano 5

5. A Heritage-listed House

If living in a heritage-listed house is your dream, spending a few nights at this traditional Korean Hanok backdated to the Japanese colonial period is probably your cup of tea. The property is placed on the Modern Cultural Heritage list in 2003 by the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea. A dream stay for all history and culture geeks!

Image Credit: Manaedang. https://goo.gl/38Tr7D

contemp 1

contemp 2


6. Loft

This Dutch style loft house certainly reminds me of the sleepovers with my friends. Recapture some of the best nights where you drifted off to sleep surrounded by your besties, by renting this fabulous loft located near Hongik University, a breeding ground for many of Korea’s growing subcultures! Call your buddies, it’s time for a good bonding trip.

Image Credit: iHouse ChinChin. https://goo.gl/l5q9dK 

loft 1

loft 3

loft 5

loft 2

7. Contemporary Traditional

Minimalistic and extremely elegant, this tastefully renovated Hanok is located in Bukchon, the historic village in the heart of Seoul. It combines the traditional architecture with elements of contemporary art, perfect for those who wants to enjoy the best out of both worlds!

Image Credit: goi Seoul. https://goo.gl/YLRf3u 




Image Credit: goi seoul

8. Posh Dormitory

A flashpacker looking for a sense of comfort and a little bit of luxury during your trip? This posh dormitory is probably an ideal place to call home in Busan. The luxury shower cubicles and personal dressing space are the scoring factors.

Image Credit: 1st Guesthouse Haeundae. https://goo.gl/Wb7veN 

dorm 1

dorm 2

dorm 3

dorm 4

9. Antique Museum

Surrounding yourself with things that have meaning and history is a wonderful way to live. Stepping into the home of Bongseok in Busan will remind you of the English classics. The historical artifacts, furniture and the chandeliers are all more than 80 years old and were painstakingly shipped from England and France.

Image Credit: château de Maisons. https://goo.gl/RRVAWz

antique 1

antique 5

antique 3

10. Luxury Studio

Indulge and pamper yourself in a beautifully decorated French Maison themed apartment in town, without really have to burn a hole in your pocket. The cream white walls, the matching chaise, and the stylish decorations all scream elegance. A perfect home for the girls’ getaway.

Image Credit: The Prada House.https://goo.gl/wnEv8m 

boutique 1

boutique 2

boutique 3

boutique 4

Disclaimer: This post is inspired by Airbnb’s recent campaign “A Different Paris” video ads, and is presented by Airbnb. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. stumbled upon your blog by accident and i totally love it! so wishing i can move/live in korea for a while like you do. thanks for the many great reads…looking forward to my next trip in korea in 2017 already (:

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