5 Classic Biker Starlet Handbags Korean Celebs Are Carrying


Biker Starlet. An independent South Korean handbag label by designer Jacey Chae that specializes in leather arm candies that are meticulously crafted, blending casual and elegance that makes a perfect touch to your everyday contemporary look.

When I first discovered the brand a few years back, the simple and stylish design struck me immediately. I went on to purchase my first Biker Starlet and became their enthusiastic brand advocate ever since. Over the years, it has become one of the top designer bag labels in South Korea and a star-studded brand in the local entertainment and fashion scene. So when they contacted me for a collaboration, I was thrilled.

I can’t wait to introduce these 5 versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create an endless number of ensembles for your wardrobe.

#1 Doctor’s Bag

Doctor’s bag (USD 373.91) remains as one of my favourite bags to-date. Be it work, play or travel, my regular sized black Doctor’s has followed me to almost everywhere in the past 2 years. I was surprised that it is still looking great, retaining its shape and form despite daily wear-and-tear.

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The bag comes in regular and mini size and various colours, from the classic black and tan to the bright and summer-ry ones like blue or white, not to forget the quirky ones like forest green and coral pink. This bag has also appeared in many popular dramas. I remembered how effortlessly chic Hwang Jung Eum looked in drama “She Was Pretty”.

Hwang Jung Eum styled in a Doctor’s mini.

I also adore So Yi Hyun’s look with the wine red colour Doctor’s Bag in “Women’s Secret”- the perfect ensemble I’d wear during the year-end festive season. For those who’re looking for a summer bag, check out how Seo Hyun Jin style her girl-next-door look with a white Doctor’s.

So Yi Hyun in drama “Women’s Secret”.
Seo Hyun Jin in “Another Miss Oh”.

#2 Alex Bag

Alex (USD 373.91) is another bag from the label that caught my eyes since the first day of its launch. Buckle bags are the ultimate classic that will never go out of style! This one in cow suede leather makes a good styling item for F/W season and will pack in everything you need on your daily commute.

Check out how actress Kim Go Eun and Red Velvet’s Seulgi style the tan brown bag respectively. Opt for the black version for a sophisticated look just like Kwon Yuri in her recent drama.

Kim Go Un and Red Velvet’s Seulgi  Alex in brown.
Kwon Yuri carries the black Alex Bag in “Neighbourhood Hero”.

#3 Madison Bag

I am a huge, huge sucker for mini bags and I’ve been pondering to get myself a Madison (USD 452.17) for the longest time. I love the muted golden hardware at the top which screams retro. Although it comes in a compact size, it is definitely not so “mini” that you can actually fit in quite a few essentials.

This bag comes in different colours and I love their summer edition which features white, Cerulean blue or and red colours. The website currently features dust navy, mahogany and classic black which is so very in season.

Madison is also well loved by Korean celebrities. We’ve seen AOA’s Mina, Girl Friend’s Shinbi, DIA’s Ki Hee Hyun wearing them when they’re off the screen, and Lee Chung Ah styling the mini Madison in red perfectly with a red plaid dress.

AOA’s Mina (left) and DIA’s Ki Hee Hyun (right).
Actress Lee Chung Ah looking stunningly beautiful in “Lucky Romance”.

#4 Lila Bag

Lila (USD417.39) didn’t really catch my eyes in the first place but things of true beauty stand the test of time. The design and colour selection is impeccable, making it very easy to work with your outfit. For those who believe size matters, this is the perfect bag – not too big, but not too small to contain whatever you need.

Left: Joo Yoon Hee in “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop”
Left: Kim Min Jung in “Men to Men”.


#5 Isla Bag

Isla is the latest addition to my Biker Starlet collection at home. It comes in two sizes and I got the mini one in beige (USD 417.39). Boy, it was love at first sight. The golden buckle, the slender top handle, the sleek dark lacquered edges as well as the slight A-line shape, this bag is in many ways, the perfect incarnation of my dream bag – a timeless classic piece with a contemporary touch.

Between pairing it with dresses or wide leg trousers on workdays or a pair of casual jeans on a weekend, you can’t go wrong with Isla. It also comes in regular size which Gong Minji (better known by her stage name Minzy) carries.

If you’re searching for a new arm candy, I cannot recommend Biker Starlet enough! They have English and Chinese version on their official website and order online was a breeze. They ship via EMS and the wait was short. I know I have preached about this brand for ages, but it really makes an ideal gift for her. (or even for yourself!)

If you end up picking one of these lovely cuties up, do let me know in the comments how you’re liking it!

Brand Details

Biker Starlet

2019 New Store: 13 Sangwon-gil, Seongsu-dong 1(il)-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: 02-518-1446


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    • Hello Sophia,
      The departmental Stores in Korea do not carry Biker Starlet Bags anymore. Instead, you may get their bags at Chungdam main store or Yeonhui Showroom. πŸ™‚

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