9ounce burger 나인온스 낙성대

Located quietly in the Nakseongdae neighbourhood, 9 ounce is my favourite place when I need a real burger fix. If you are complaining good burgers are rare in Seoul, maybe you should plan a trip down here. Perhaps you might want to come down early, or be prepared to queue for awhile because they are THAT popular. I discovered this small little burger house a year ago, and it has become my favourite go-to spot. One thing I noticed is there are always native English speaking customers every time I visit the place. I guess that is apparently a good sign of legit and satisfaction guaranteed burgers.

Be prepared to go in like a champ, walk out like a sinner.

Lol. That is a direct quote from one of my friends who recently went to the place with me. That sounds quite exaggerated, but I would say it captures the gist of how I felt on my first visit. So here comes my posting about 9 ounce Burger (나인온스버거) near Naksongdae Station (Line 2, 낙성대역). Photos in the post are a compilation from my various visits, ranging from 2 weeks ago (Spring 2015) to Autumn 2014.

For your info, it is also one of the matjibs (맛집, meaning restaurant that provides good food that made famous by word of mouth) every student of Seoul National University have at least visited once in their uni life.

best wagyu beef burger in seoul

나인온스 낙성대 9ounce burger

It is a small but cosy restaurant, with a capacity of 20 pax at one time. The picture is taken on a weekday before lunch peak hours.


You are given eight types of burgers to choose from — which I think the choices available is pretty decent for a small burger chain like this. You may choose to have ala carte (only the burger) that cost you KRW8,500-9,500 (OMG I AM SO HAPPY WITH THIER PRICING), or add another KRW4,500 to complete a meal (meals come with bigger serving of fries and a soda). English Menu is available. HOORAY!

9ounce burger wine list

Drinks wise, they serve soda, VERY-sinful milkshakes, beer and wine.

9ounce burger naksongdae

9ounce burger naksongdae

It takes about 20-25 minutes for your burger to be served. No complain — because all complaints will disappear without a trace when you see these lovelies being served right in front of you.

9ounce burger
Signature: The 9 Ounce Burger.
california burger 9ounce
A refreshing choice: California Burger
The Nutella Double Choco Milkshake.

9ounce burger 나인온스 낙성대

The 9ounce Burger was tender, juicy and flavorful, one of the best I have had so far. I am extremely picky when it comes to burger because it is just not worth it to take a lousy burger. More so if you take that heavy load of calories into consideration. I mean, if the damage is the same for taking a good burger and a bad burger, I will just take the good one, and groan in pain at the gym later.

9ounce burger cut into half

Back to the burger — It was just some very simple combination: High-quality Wagyu beef, onion and cheese, but attention are paid to the detail. The juicy and cooked beef, the golden brown and perfectly caramelized onion, and the correct amount of cheese — I just can’t get enough. 9ounce is just taking it to a whole new level!

california burger 9ounce

The California Burger, a less aggressive cousin of 9ounce original. Loaded up in fresh greens and creamy avocados, the California is clearly a healthier choice. (Burger is a cheat meal anyway but at least the greens made it healthier?) I have been to 9ounce many times and I must say California and original are what I always go for. I had their Chilli Burger once. Unfortunately, it was rather mediocre.

california burger 9ounce 나인온스 낙성대

My first visit this year (2015) was in early spring. It was a weekday with lovely sunshine — best reason for some real burgers? Me and my date enjoy the place and shortly after a week, I visited the place again with K and another friend. Three of us couldn’t resist but to order their signature 9 Ounce burger (Again!). I decided to go for 9ounce Junior, which comes in a smaller bun with four or five tiny fries; the guys have gone great lengths to prove their masculinity. Two set meals, with regular fries, a burger and a soft drink each.

9ounce burger naksongdae
9ounce Burger regular set meal with wedges.

9ounce best burger in seoul

It doesn’t look like it would kill…but we three had a burger coma after stuffing everything in. The firm but juicy beef patty, accompanied by perfectly melted cheese, and the deep, rich and sweet flavour of their signature caramelised onion…I don’t mind getting that food coma again, seriously.

Other burgers in my camera, on other occasions that I thought of posting them up here for your information.

Argula Burger at 9ounce.
Argula Burger at 9ounce.

Argula Burger. The crispy bacon did a good measure for the dish. Perfect for bacon lovers.

Chilli Burger at 9ounce.
Chilli Burger at 9ounce.

Next, Chilli Burger. Personally I find it pales in comparison with their signature 9ounce burger. Not something I would order again. Oh well, if you happen to pop by, and feeling the need to boost up your energy to the max, try the milkshake. I ordered the Peanut Butter milkshake and Nutella Double Choco Milkshake on two different occasions. Both were thick, creamy-textured, without skimping on the ingredients. Yums!

Nutella double choco shake

nutella double choco shake

Business is hot at night as well. So be early, or be sorry >.< as you may need to wait outside for at least 20 minutes for your turn, depending on the size of your group.

9ounce night1

9ounce night 2
Four Seasons Burger at 9ounce

9ounce night 3

9ounce burger naksongdae station seoul

Writer’s Note:

Their 9 ounce Burgers are so good they’re rated “unfit for the faint hearted”  by my friend. Lol. As I mentioned earlier, this is the only place I go if I need a REAL burger fix. They do just as great or possibly even better compared to those at Itaewon!

Contact Details:

9 ounce Burger (Naksongdae) 나인 온스 
1606-20, Nakseongdae-Dong, Gwanak-Gu, Seoul.
서울시 관악구 낙성대동 1626-20
Tel. 070-8692-9020


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  1. What a disappointment! The burger patty was poorly seasoned and not grilled well. The burger buns were soggy. The potato wedges were not crispy and lacked taste. The food review sounds like it was reviewing a totally different restaurant. Best burgers are still Brooklyn burgers at Seocho and Gilbert’s at basement of COEX Mall.

    • Oh really? Your descriptions don’t sound like the 9ounce I know, though. Sorry to hear that, but I think you probably went on a bad day. I am not too sure about their potato wedges, but their burgers can’t be that bad. Will check out Brooklyn at Seocho someday definitely! I heard good reviews about them for quite some time already 🙂

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