DIY Lavender Toss for My Wedding

The sweet scent of lavender buds reminds me of the lovely moment of walking up the aisle as husband and wife.


Lavender Toss Wedding Exit – I have always wanted a lavender exit toss at my wedding. Not confetti toss, not rose petals, rice or bird seeds but lavender. I love the beautiful scent of the flower. I love it in my tea, as an essential oil, on my pillow… it is just so instantly calming and peaceful. So when the wedding bells rang, of course, a lavender exit toss is a must on the wedding day lineup!

The sweet scent now reminds me of the lovely moment of walking up the aisle as husband and wife, with everyone we love smiling at us – certainly one of the precious moments I recall at my wedding 2 years ago.

Though there aren’t many references for lavender exit toss from local wedding photography, I managed to find photos that I really like on Pinterest and follow suit. Pinterest is such an amazing platform for interior design and wedding ideas, isn’t it? So here are the ones I took inspiration from to make my own lavender toss.

Since my wedding venue is set against the luscious rainforest backdrop of the Labrador Nature Reserve in Singapore, I wanted to bring some rustic elements into my wedding. So I selected a wooden frame for my lavender toss signboard, and mini burlap sacks to hold the dried lavender buds.

With just family and close friends present, our intimate solemnisation ceremony would only need about 30 packets of lavender for the send-off. Here’s what I prepared:

  • Square wooden photo frame x 1. | Taobao |
  • One Lavender Toss Instruction signboard x 1. | Minty Paperie Shop |
  • Mini Burlap Sack, 10 x 15 cm x 30 | Taobao |
  • Dried Lavender Buds, from Ili, Xinjiang, 250g. |Taobao|
  • Sticker with our wedding hashtag printed.

I sourced the dried lavender buds from Ili River Valley, northwest of China’s Xinjiang Kazakh Autonomous Region. Ili has the largest lavender plantation in China and the 3rd largest in the world. Lavender from France was introduced to this place since 1965 and has contributed 97% of the country’s lavender output.

The shop I selected is owned by a young Chinese couple who left the big city for Ili as they love the scents of the blue gold. It is 100% natural, and they don’t cost much! 250g of lavender was the right amount for 30 guests at the ceremony. It cost SGD 7 without international shipping, which is really affordable!

So I purchased the lavender buds and burlap sacks, pack them in, and paste the customised sticker with our official hashtag #kenpheubemine and voila! The packages are ready.

It rained heavily on my wedding day. We had to move the ceremony to the terrace instead of the garden. So I didn’t get my outdoor lavender toss photo that is all bright, airy and whimsical. That said, the photos turn out to be wonderful in their own way. I could still remember that alluring scent from the flower on my wedding day, and of course, the lovely people standing along the aisle who showered us with so much love.

For those who are considering an eco-friendly wedding toss and who love the lavender scent, I’d say give it a go! Lavender symbolizes purity and devotion, what a perfect material for a fragrant exit toss! Talk about speaking to all 5 senses, a lavender toss is like a signature scent for your wedding day : )

While I have listed all my vendors above for your reference, I understand shopping on Taobao might not be an easy task for some of you, so you may source your own. After all, it is your big day, and you should be making the decision that makes sense to you.

And there you have it, my dear! While you’re working your way through your solemnisation ceremony or reception checklist, please check with your venue manager regarding their tossing rules (I know some of the venues do not allow exit toss at all), and do ensure your guests are not allergic to lavender before planning!

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