Nocturnal Blossom at DDP


It has been a hectic month. Time flies so quickly that it is hard to believe we’re now in the last week of November. We left a month to 2015 to be exact! November is usually my favourite month as it is full of birthdays, celebrations, beautiful colour of autumn, and best of all the cooling weather be it at home or Korea. As the orange and yellow leaves fall, autumn has succeeded, and winter reigns.

Recently I wrote about the new design hub in South Korea, the DDP (click here to read)  and if you are interested to pay a visit to the peculiar but somewhat elegant building, please do not miss this beautiful LED flower garden at the rooftop of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP).

dongdaemun design plaza LED rose

The rooftop of DDP is now filled up with a huge patch of flowers that shine beautifully in the dark. It has been the HOT place to check out in town for the past month. 25,550 stalks of flowers lighting up the rooftop are breathtaking. No kidding,  you’ll know the reason why this place has captured the city of Seoul if you come down here personally.

This romantic rooftop flower garden was build for an OMEGA event when they launch their De Ville Prestige Butterfly wristwatches earlier which Nichole Kidman made a personal appearance down here to the garden.

So here’s how it look like when you’re in the middle of the garden. I heard the garden looks equally beautiful in the day time as well. Anyone has been to the garden in the day yet? Do let me know how does it look like.

dongdaemun design plaza LED rose

dongdaemun design plaza LED rose

Met the Youtuber GoGarr as he was having fun in his Glowy Zoey LED stick figure costumes with a group of friends on the same day of my visit.

dongdaemun design plaza LED rose

I am not too sure about the end date of the exhibition, my guess is they might hold it until the end of the year? So hurry up if you are visiting Seoul this year! Admission is free! Just come directly onto the rooftop of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza exhibition hall and you’ll be able to see the beautiful flowers. 

Update on 9th January 2015:

I am back to the DDP today. The 25,000 stalks of LED roses are still there on the rooftop, looking magnificent as it looked like at night. I am pretty amazed, as the day and night at this flower garden look so different yet equally bewildering. I heard they are now back on the rooftop of DDP. Please check below for exhibition information.

 Dongdaemun Design Plaza LED Roses Day Time

 Dongdaemun Design Plaza LED Roses Day Time

Dongdaemun Design Plaza LED Roses Day Time

*2015* DDP Rooftop LED Flower Exhibition:

Exhibition Period: 18th April 2015- 29th Feb 2016
Visiting Time: Close on Mondays.
Admission: Free
Location: 4th floor Rooftop.

How To Get to Dongdaemun Design Plaza: 

how to go ddp

1. Get off at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 4 동대문 역사문화공원역 ), Exit 1 and you’ll reach DDP.

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    • Hi Kylene, this LED flower garden is really amazing, it is a pity they are going to pull them out soon. : ( however DDP itself is quite cool be it day or night and the building is here all year round so be sure not to miss this place when you’re back in Seoul ; D

      • It is! 🙁 Thanks for the recommendation Pheuron, I saw the photos from your other post too and it really does look amazing! I’m definitely adding this to my list of places to visit for my future trip to Seoul. 😀

    • Hi Hina, as much as I know, and also according to the signboard written at the rooftop, the exhibition will end early January.
      However, my friends who visited the place 3 days ago still managed to see them. I am not too sure if the roses are going to be around in April though, since it is only January. =(

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