Dumulmeori: Prologue


And so this post marked the start of my long awaited summer holiday. Those of you who have been following me on Instagram for awhile probably are aware of my recent trip to somewhere in the suburbs. It is my first time travelling to Dumulmeori, a picturesque getaway in Gyeonggi-do province.

It is half a month since my visit. It took me sometime to finally update the day-trip on Life n’ Style as it was a major pictures galore after the trip and I was caught up in finals. However I remember Dumulmeori being a lush and romantic, achingly beautiful getaway — especially for a day-trip or weekend hideout.

It was a tour on foot and public transportations. A whole 5 to 7 kilometres by foot in a day, to and fro. Tiring enough but it was all worth the way. The more miles you put between yourself and the Yangsu Station, the better the scenery.

dumul 1st main

Yangsuri (양수리) is located in Gyeonggi Province. The place that me and my friends visited is called Dumulmeori (두물머리), which is located at the southern tip of Yangsuri. “Dumulmeori”, literally means “the head of two waters”, refers to the starting point of both Bukhangang River and the Namhangang River.

Scenery was said to be particularly spectacular at dawn here at Dumulmeori. However me and my mates only made it there when it was totally bright and sunny. No miraculous pictures since we did not catch the misty look of Dumulmeori, but the outcome of the pictures are already satisfying. I think I’d like to go back at some point later in my life. ; )

This particular post will serve as an introductory. I will post about our itinerary, activities and foodie experience in the upcoming post. So here you go!

saemiwon dumulmeori yangsuri
Lotus pond at Saemiwon, Dumulmeori.

lotus 2

dumul 16lotus pond dumulmeori saemiwon

saemiwon dumulmeori yangsuri
Visitors are able to walk through the lotus pond at Saemiwon.
walk to dumulmeori
country road.
walk to dumulmeori from yangsu station
Walking to the Dumulmeori after lunch.
dumul 17
Ancient style ferries by the bridge at dumulmeori.

dumul 5

dumul 23

dumul 7

yangsuri dumulmeori

dumul 19

yangsuri dumulmeori
One of my favourite spot at Dumulmeori, Yangsuri.

yangsuri dumulmeori

dumulmeori picture frame

yangsuri dumulmeori photo frame

night falls at dumulmeori
Night falls. Dumulmeori.

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  1. Hello Pheuron,

    Thank you for all the posts on South Korea. I’m planning a trip there, and I’m wondering if this place is good to go for autumn?

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