Follow Me To Korea: A Hanok Stay at a 130-Year-Old Property

Rakkojae Hanok Stay Bukchon

I have always wanted a staycation in a real Hanok. While many aesthetically pleasing Hanoks in the country are equally attractive, I wanted to experience staying in a living monument that pays tribute to the history, a traditional Korean home that wasn’t built just because it became trendy. And during my recent Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) Trip to Korea, I had the opportunity to stay at Rakkojae 락고재 樂古齋, a boutique hanok hotel built in the 19th century.

We stayed in the Patio room which features natural jade ondol flooring, a modern bathroom and an exclusive, traditional-style patio. The temperature went down to -18°C at night but the ondol kept the room warm and mattresses were thick and comfortable enough to sleep in. I like that the hotel strived to merge modern day comfort while retaining the authentic hanok experiences for their guests.

Breakfast at our very own patio was a highlight too! We were also very lucky to enjoy the Jjimjilbang all to ourselves during our stay. Read about my entire experience in detail here: Rakkojae Seoul Hanok Stay 

Rakkojae Seoul Hanok Stay Review

Rakkojae Seoul Hanok Stay Bukchon

Rakkojae Seoul

Hanok Stay in Bukchon Hanok Village

Hanok Stay Relax Tranquility, Hanok, Rakkojae

Rakkojae Seoul Hanok Stay

Boutique Hanok Hotel Seoul

Rakkojae Review, Rakkojae Blog

Rakkojae Welcome Tea

Rakkojae Patio Room

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RAKKOJAE SEOUL: A Hanok Stay at a 130-year-old Property at Bukchon Hanok Village

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