Gift To Myself: A Custom Moissanite Ring!

Ladies, a custom gemstone ring is a perfect way to treat ourselves like the amazing being we are.


The year 2020 has been brutal. The pandemic took us by surprise and altered our routines, our work, and many of our plans. As I pen down my thoughts, I am already taking a pay cut for the 9th months in a row. But I was lucky enough to be given opportunities to try out different duties at my full-time job. I launched a new E-commerce platform and a few campaigns, and also started a rewarding skincare sideline too!

While things are slowly getting better, this year is no doubt deeply painful for many of us. For me, it was an emotional downward spiral during the start of the lockdown. Thankfully I was able to quickly get over it, seize the opportunity to upgrade myself, and even step out of my comfort zone for a better source of income through my skincare sideline while I am being put on unpaid leave by my company – and for everything that has happened, I am grateful it hasn’t been worse. This year has taught me to adapt, to be resilient, to press on and above all, to choose myself.  #selflove

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.

So when the guys from LeCaine contacted me for a bespoke moissanite ring product feature that is all about self-love, I agreed without hesitation. Sometimes, all we need is a gentle reminder that we are, indeed awesome and deserving of the best things life has to offer. And a custom gemstone ring is definitely a perfect way for us to remember and treat ourselves like the amazing being that we are!

Here we are at this product feature blog about my entire journey of creating a bespoke Moissanite ring.


LeCaine is one of the most reputable Moissanite jewellers in Singapore. If you haven’t heard of a Moissanite yet, it is a lab-created gemstone which is almost similar to a diamond. It exudes strong brilliance and fire, therefore appears almost identical, if not more brilliant than a diamond to naked, untrained eyes. More importantly, it is conflict-free, ethically and responsibly sourced, environmentally friendly and only costs a fraction of a diamond.


Prior to the actual discussion, I had a brief discussion with the lady boss Ashley regarding the ring design and my preference through Whatsapp. For those who are interested in a bespoke ring, the priority is always to make sure that the ring reflects your style. I did some research and pinned some of the designs on Pinterest as my visual inspiration.

My Inspo-board on Pinterest.

I love vintage rings. They are timeless, full of details, and exudes a unique elegance. But I’d also like a ring that incorporates my style and outfit — something that reflects my aesthetics.

We scheduled our first meeting at LeCaine’s new physical store at Millenia Walk. Ashley provides valuable advice in terms of ring design. We went through my inspiration board and nailed down the settings and some design elements of the ring.


Next and the most exciting part – selecting the gemstone. LeCaine offers a variety of quality moissanite. From the top-notch colourless grade to a wide array of different shades of green and grey. Knowing exactly what I wanted, we went straight to picking the coloured gemstone.

According to Ashley, green and grey moissanite are the rarer finds in the moissanite family, with the grey moissanite being the hardest to procure. Typically, it takes about 3 months to create one grey moissanite, therefore explain its scarcity even in the lab-made moissanite market. LeCaine is the only moissanite jeweller in Singapore that produces grey moissanite in-house too.

At the end of the day, I set my eyes on a 2-carat round-cut grey moissanite that has a rainbow-like sparkle. The gemstone also changes from mystical grey to a beautiful shade of steel blue-grey under broad daylight like a chameleon.


We also decided on a three-stone setting for a fresher look. The main stone will be flanked by two 0.8 carat colour grade D teardrop moissanite stones on an 18k yellow gold plated band. As the grey moissanite has a cool undertone, a yellow gold band would bring out the vintage look of the ring.


A week after the initial meeting, I received the mock-up sketch from Ashley, and It was exactly what I wanted.

Ashley suggested a basket-prong setting with a twist – and it worked so well with the vision I had in mind with this ring. Of course, at this point, you may also make any final tweaks before they start making your ring. You’ll need to wait for about two to four weeks for the ring, and the team will keep you updated. The entire process was fuss-free and gives me peace of mind that the ring will turn out well.


I still remember vividly how my heart flutters when I collected the ring at the store. It was exactly how I pictured. The beautiful gemstone sits nicely on the prong, and from the side, you can clearly see the “V” that symbolises victory. I have always wanted to remind myself to look on the bright side, and this ring is a timely reminder.

The two teardrop moissanites around the main gemstone symbolises the hardships and adversity. We placed them at the side of the main stone, symbolises that the hardships will eventually be paid off.

I want to remind myself to accept the fact that storms will happen in life, and despite all that may be going on maybe going wrong, there is always something to be grateful for. A positive mindset is everything. I love that Ashley and her team managed to bring my vision to life, it definitely worth the one month wait.

Two weeks after collection of the ring – I must say this ring still makes my heart skip a beat every time I caught a glimpse of its sparkle. I like to twirl it around my fingers just to see the way it glittered from all angles.

The craftsmanship of the ring is truly commendable. The experienced gold workers are hailed from Hong Kong, and they pay absolute attention to the details and took pride in their work to create your one and only bespoke ring. The photo below is a comparison of LeCaine’s ring with a brand S’s diamond stimulant ring from Canada that costs about USD 220. You can definitely tell them apart in a glance!

Comparison between LeCaine’s Ring (top & bottom) and Brand S (middle).

The moissanites from LeCaine also comes with GRA certification, though the best way of verifying true moissanite is through a Moissanite or Diamond tester. Presidium produces the best testers in the market. So if you do not want to buy expensive cubic zirconia online, you may want to invest in a tester, or check in with the lovely people at LeCaine as they have the testing device in-store.

Testing a LeCaine Moissanite with Presidium Diamond Tester.
My Bespoke 2-carat Grey Moissanite Ring from LeCaine Singapore.

Looking for an alternative engagement ring or getting yourself a custom gemstone ring? A moissanite ring would fit the bill! Before you head down to LeCaine’s website to find out more, here is my FAQs regarding getting your ring customised at LeCaine!


Why Moissanite?

Because it is guilt-free, cruel-free and debt-free! A similar-sized diamond ring would have cost x 4 of the price of a moissanite ring.

Moissanite vs Cubic Zirconia, how do we tell them apart? 

Admit it. We all have the fear of purchasing fake gemstones. However, it is pretty easy to tell the two apart. Put the real moissanite and Cubic Zirconia (CZ) next to each other. The Moissanite would have a diamond-like sparkle compare to the CZ. A moissanite also tends to have lasting sparkle than CZ overtime. You may also check the two stones from top-down. The CZ would look more like glass and tend to turn cloudy within a short period of time while moissanite is more reflective with its diamond facets.

What are the colour ranges available, if I’d like colourless moissanite? 

Most moissanites comes in a yellowish or brownish colour, similar to J-M colour diamonds. If you like a diamond-look-alike style, the trick is to go for moissanites that are equivalent to “Near Colourless” G-I range, and “Colourless” D-F range. LeCaine pride themselves as the moissanite jeweller that has the most similar cut and quality to a real diamond.

How do we make sure the quality? 

Always go to the trusted store, and preferably the ones that you can see the stone and make a comparison in person. LeCaine also uses Presidium tester so you can see them perform the test in front of you. Ashley is very knowledgeable and upholds a high standard for every piece of moissanite jewellery the store offers to its clients.

How long does the entire customisation process take? 

Depending on the design and the moissanite you choose, it may take 2 weeks or more to create your dream ring.

What’s the price range like?

A ready-made 0.5-carat moissanite ring would cost SGD 738 onwards, and a pair of ready-made 0.3-carat moissanite earrings on 18k gold would cost SGD 398 on their official website. There is no minimum budget for a custom piece. You can engage them for a quote of pricing depending on the carat size, colour, shape and design! For a custom ring similar to mine, you’d have to ballpark SGD 2,400 or more.


LeCaine Gems
9 Raffles Boulevard #01-32 Millenia Walk, 039596 

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