Kissa ROKKA: A Taste of Kyoto Home Cooking

pesto kyo-chicken lunch set 喫茶六花 kissa rokka

Kyoto is such a perfect place to soak up the tranquil and serene environment of Japan. I love walking on the streets of Higashioji/ Sanjo area, as there’s always new surprises await. You never know what you’ll encounter next, but you know you won’t regret.

Kissa ROKKA 喫茶六花 is one of these beautiful surprises I encountered during my trip. I remember how me any my friends discovered this cosy little family cafe on the very first time I visit Kyoto. A quiet, down to earth place that serves up simple and heart-warming Kyoto home cooking, this cafe definitely worth a visit if you’re around Higashiyama station.


It is a simple restaurant without fancy decorations. Some art exhibits and Zakka items are made by the owner’s daughter, who’s an artist. Daily lunch set comes with a main course and a coffee, which costs about 1,150 yen.

喫茶六花 kissa rokka kyoto

The “Kyoto Vegetables” (Kyo-Yasai) is considered superior among the rich variety of Japanese produce. So when the keyword “Kyo-Yasai” strikes on Kissa ROKKA’s daily set lunch menu, you know it is not something you should miss. Three of us ordered the set lunch that comes with Grilled Chicken with Homemade Pesto Sauce, Roasted Kyo-Yasai Salad, and a vegetable side dish.

pesto kyo-chicken 喫茶六花 kissa rokka

pesto kyo-chicken lunch set 喫茶六花 kissa rokka

The presentation of the dish simply does not justify the taste.The chicken is juicy and tender and was intensely flavoured with the homemade pesto sauce. The grilled vegetables were sweet and fresh. It was garnished with the lightest seasoning possible, for us to savour the natural sweetness and freshness of the ingredients. It was a simple home cook fare one would appreciate especially after all the rich meals that does not give your stomach a mercy. It was hearty, healthy and heartwarming.

pesto kyo-chicken lunch set 喫茶六花 kissa rokka

喫茶六花 kissa rokka lunch coffee

The coffee that comes together with the set lunch was a typical Japanese fare. The light-medium roast body gives a nice balance of acidity and bitterness. We end the lunch on a sweet note with their chocolate brownie parfait.

喫茶六花 kissa rokka parfait

Writer’s Note: A homely restaurant located minutes away from the street of Sanjo 三条 and Higashiyama Station東山. This is a place you’ll find yourself returning for its simple, healthy and unpretentious food. It is like returning home to your mother’s comfort food, so humble yet hearty appetising. English menu available.


Contact Details:

Kissa ROKKA 喫茶 六花
577-4 Inarichō Minamigumi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 605-0067, Japan.
Address in Japanese: 東山区稲荷町南組577-4, 京都府 〒605-0067




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