Nespresso Creatista Plus: A Fuss-free Coffee Maker to Fit Your Fast-Paced Lifestyle

Coffee on a typical workday of mine is an escape to sanity. So a coffee machine needs to be functional, time-saving and aesthetically pleasing!


And so we upgraded our Nespresso Pixie machine to the Creatista Plus Coffee machine! I was beyond thrilled to kick start my day with this sexy, new coffee machine in my kitchen and posted some updates on my Insta stories. After posting the unboxing stories, I received so many DMs regarding the espresso maker so I decided to blog about this beautiful machine we got a while back!

Getting a property you can call your own is exciting. And after the consultation of the renovation, confirmation of the 3D drawings, demolition day and all… It’s time to hunt for the furniture and home appliances for your new home! Outfitting your new home with suitable home appliances is fun. And for coffee lovers, a coffee machine is essential at home. Having gone through the journey, I’d like to share my thoughts and advice when it comes to purchasing a coffee machine for the new home.

Because, coffee is so crucial to our life, especially to all coffee lovers. Not gonna lie but the day hasn’t really started without a cup of coffee!

While I do appreciate the artisanal work that goes into a cup of nice, handmade coffee from a traditional shot puller, the hard truth is that not everyone has the luxury of time to do everything ourselves from beans to cup. That’s where the modern pods come into play. Coffee on a typical workday of mine is a habit (and an escape to sanity) rather than a hobby. So I have been relying on the pods or the Japanese drip coffee bags as they fit seamlessly into my crazy schedules.

As I am working from home, my criteria for a home coffee machine is simple – fuss-free and consistent. Those are the reasons I bought my very first Nespresso Pixie years back and the time has proven that it is, in fact, a good buy. I use the machine every single day, and I love how convenient it is to get my daily jump starter drink. So when we want an upgrade, the decision of getting a Nespresso Creatista Plus came naturally.

The Creatista Plus is a coffee machine co-created by Breville and Nespresso. If you are an aspiring home barista, chances are that you might already have a Breville coffee machine on your wishlist. This Australian brand has been creating fool-proof, user-friendly espresso machines for the longest time. And for Nespresso, I am pretty sure it is not an unfamiliar brand in Singapore, especially for those who want a hassle-free, quick coffee fix at home or in the office.

The Design

I really love the design of this coffee machine. It features a complete stainless steel finish that makes it extra sleek and elegant. It features a 1.5L water tank, which holds more water compared to my previous machine. And it has a TFT display screen on top which guides me on prep, settings and maintenance.

I remembered the assembly to be super straightforward and when I have no issue setting it up myself, I believe everyone can do it too! Together with my Balmuda toaster, these two make the perfect conversation starter.

Level of Customisation 

One setback from our usual Nespresso machines was their inflexibility, especially when it comes to milk coffee. For Creatista Plus, there is an extensive preset program for ristretto, espresso, lungo, flat white, latte, cappuccino, latte macchiato and a few more options. You may also adjust the milk temperature, coffee volume, and the intensity of the milk froth to your liking.

The machine comes with extensive preset programs for drinks.
Adjustable features of Nespresso Creatista Plus.
Setting up the machine using a water hardness test strip.

As water hardness plays a big role in coffee flavours, it is also important to set up the machine based on the water hardness test strip that comes together with your machine. I’ve heard how the same capsule may taste really different from different water sources, so be sure to set this up correctly so the machine can take care of the brewing for you. You may also want to purchase extra test strips if you like to experiment with different water (tap water, filtered water, hot spring water, mineral water etc).

The Steam Wand 

One of the best features of this machine would be the steam wand that does auto milk frothing. The texture of the foamed milk is silky smooth, and I get the same temperature, the same texture all the time – the consistency is impressive. I can see how someone who drinks milk coffee on a daily basis would enjoy making coffee using this machine.

The machine boasts a cleaning assistance technology that will auto-purge the wand after each froth so it is a breeze to clean up – a stark difference compared to the Aeroccino in terms of convenience.

Silky-smooth, latte-art ready milk from the Nespresso Creatista Machine.

The Latte Art

One of the most frequent DM I got was – So, does the machine create latte art for you?  I hate to burst your bubbles but no –  There is no espresso machine that has an automated latte art feature in the market yet ( I’d love to see one soon). However, the machine produces amazing milk froth for simple latte art. So you’ll definitely need some self-help and patience to create a perfect heart shape or a leaf design with this machine.

As for the taste of the milk coffee, when you get the right capsule and the right milk, your coffee can taste amazing. Personally, I like a double Chiaro or Scuro with Farm Fresh Pure Fresh Milk.

Review After 3 Months of Usage:

I am getting more and more in love with my Nespresso Creatista Plus. I am spoilt for the choices each day and it is a bliss to get a cafe-style milk coffee just within a few clicks at the comfort of my home. Plus, I love how it looks on my countertop.

As I mentioned earlier, I ain’t looking for a coffee machine which I can take full control of in every aspect. Neither am I looking for a coffee machine to hone my home-barista skill. I want my coffee serves quickly and a machine with quality workmanship. I like a machine that let me enjoy my morning espresso and curb my craving for a fancy milk coffee without stepping out of my house. Nespresso Creatista Plus ticks all the boxes.

To put it simply, you have to know what you need when it comes to purchasing a home coffee maker. A super-automatic espresso machine might be downright pricey for some. A semi-automatic espresso machine may seem to be the right one, but it comes with duties like fine-tuning the grinder and really understanding what you’re doing to make sure the quality of your espresso every single time. If you are a newbie to all these,  there is a steep learning curve to overcome before enjoying the perfect cup of coffee.

So to avoid having a white elephant at home, it is best to first assess what exactly you need the coffee machine for. If you’re having busy mornings, Nespresso is going to be your best friend forever. : )

If your requirements are similar to mine, here is a simple QnA list I’ve put together for you. These are the actual DMs I received that might be helpful to you! : )

Q. Is it easy to maintain the machine? 

With the auto-purge technology, it is going to be really helpful to keep your machine in top-notch condition. I always purge at least twice for each use and descale the machine every 6 months.

Q. I never get lucky with the capsules I purchased. How do you pick your capsules? 

This all boils down to personal preference. Whether you like your coffee acidic, smokey or balanced, Nespresso does provide a variety of capsule choices. And my best tip is to read the intensity and flavour profile and try to match them according to your palette preference.

I drink black coffee most of the time, and I like to start my day with an espresso. I also like my coffee taste balanced, not too acidic, not too light and not too strong. So I’d go for capsules with a 5-6 intensity. I am never a fan of flavoured coffee so I have always avoided those with “xxx flavoured” in the description. Otherwise, talk to any friendly coffee specialist in-store and they’ll be able to give recommendations.

Q. What are your favourite capsules?

I always start my day with Columbia or Volluto while Nicaragua is my favourite go-to in the afternoon. On the days I feel like I need some extra caffeine kick, I’d go for Roma or Venezia.

Q. The machine must be expensive! Do you have any discount code? 

Unfortunately, this post is not a sponsored post and I paid for my own machine. : ) I’d love to collaborate with them one day! (Nespresso Singapore, if you are reading this! ) There are several sale periods to take note of if you are looking to get your hands on this beautiful machine. Nespresso has an official store on Lazada and they always have promotion during 6.18, 11.11 etc! I got mine at SGD 534 so it is 29% off!

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