New Boutique Hotel In Sumba : Alamayah


Ever thought of spending your holiday somewhere close to nature, remote yet still not too far away from where you’re familiar with? If you frequent Bali, the chances are that you have heard of and probably have been to Lombok. How about the islets further away, i.e. The Flores and Sumba? These are plausibly the world’s most picturesque islets that are within a few hours’ flights away from you.

The new Alamayah villa resides on the island of Sumba, a true hidden gem within the Indonesian Archipelago. The thoughtfully designed villa is tucked away in a beachside village in South-Western Sumba, home to one of the last flourishing prehistoric tribes on earth. It is an island with peaceful, tranquil and uninterrupted beauty.

What I like about this new hotel is its remoteness, and the general idea of boosting the guest’s well-being – something that appeals to city dwellers like me – a paradise we look to escape and restart – psychologically, and physically, inside-out.

Alamayah features 6 private suites with outdoor terraces, where guests can wake up to spectacular views of the beaches and observe the sunset against a backdrop of unspoiled nature. All suites come with private dining area, en-suite bathrooms and walk-in showers. All guest is treated an all-inclusive experience that includes a healer’s body analysis, 3 plant-based meals per day, medicinal mixology, daily massage treatment and more.

I am a true believer of the gut-brain connection. I was in a high-stress environment a few years back and developed some gut-issues that affected my health. The recovery took years, and I am glad to find out Alamayah’s team make great effort in curating a farm-to-table menu that embodies health and sustainability both ethically and environmentally.

Guests will be able to heal from inside with their plant-based culinary creations. These medicinal teas, tonic and dishes are made of foraged ingredients indigenous to Sumba, integrating herbs, fruits, vegetables and edible flowers grown by local farmers in neighbouring plantations and Alamayah’s organic permaculture gardens.

As an island with a rich indigenous culture and history, this little tropical gem has so many things to explore. Hike some of Sumba’s most picturesque trails. Try mountain biking or snorkelling. Visit a local village and watch the intricate and meditative process of ikat weaving. Sink into an Ayurvedic massage then surf under the Sumba sun. Learn to garden in their permaculture farm, or practise sunrise yoga, or treat yourself to sound healing therapy, Alamayah calls to the heart of every traveller looking for a fully customisable island getaway.

Booking Information

The hotel is set to open in April 2020; bookings are available from 2nd April 2020 by emailing or calling +62 859-3615-2893.


The Alamayah experience begins with a breathtaking journey from Sumba’s Tambolaka Airport, a two-hour drive over rocky mountain summits, through lush teak and mahogany forests, past waterfalls, rice fields, and river valleys before reaching Alamayah in the beachside village of Kerewe.

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