Pampered Meows: Mandoo’s First Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

The hotel has cat-friendly facilities for your loved meows!


Last November, we brought our pet cat Mandoo (만두) to his very first petcation at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa. Mandoo is a rescue cat we adopted last January and he has brought us so much happiness ever since. And just when I thought we should go on a petcation as a family of 3 (pawrents and cat baby), I saw that the hotel was doing a social media giveaway campaign and I jumped on the opportunity and became one of their very lucky winners! Thank you Amara Sanctuary!

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa is a pet-friendly resort. While there are many pet-friendly hotels in Singapore, not all are exactly feline-friendly. And I was delighted to find out that they have dedicated a “Pampered Meows” staycation package for pet cats!


The SGD 350++ package includes a one-night stay at the deluxe room with cat-friendly amenities, breakfast for 2 persons and a welcome kit for the cat. Our room was on the highest floor of the hotel building. I like the high ceiling and the beautiful scenery from the balcony. Surrounded by the lush greenery, this room immediately made us feel more relaxed, and the glimpse of the blue sea and the beautiful sunset set the mood calm and serene.

Please note that the room isn’t exactly cat-proof as it is a hotel room after all. So please make sure that you secure your fur baby and keep the sliding door closed.

The room also comes with standard amenities such as drinking water, snack bars, bathtub, shower amenities, slippers etc. It is also a 1-2 minute walking distance to Skypool, a rooftop infinity pool where you can swim while enjoying the views of the South China Sea.

Amara Sanctuary Hotel Pampered Meow Package

Amara Sanctuary Hotel Sentosa Deluxe Room Balcony View
View from the hotel room balcony.
Amara Sancturary Pampered meow blog
Here we are checking into the room with Mandoo in the carrier!
Amara Sanctuary Room Amenities
Standard in-room snack bar amenities for the hoomans.
skypool amara sanctuary sentosa
Skypool at Amara Sanctuary Sentosa.

We let Mandoo out of the carrier once we arrived at the room. He started sniffing and exploring the surroundings. Perhaps it was his first time stepping out to a completely new environment, he was a little wary after a while and went hiding under the bed. Knowing Mandoo, this didn’t really bother us as we brought his toy and his “chou chou” along.

Cat Staycation In a Hotel Singapore

Amara Sanctuary Singapore Sentosa Cat Staycation

cat hiding under hotel bed

Cat hiding under hotel bed

cat staycation singapore
Mandoo hiding under the hotel bed.

Mandoo First Staycation in a Hotel


Our little furry one enjoyed the cat litter box from Unicharm. It is a half cover dual-layer cat litter system where the top layer allows urine to flow smoothly to the bottom deck, and the bottom layer absorbent sheet absorbs urine and prevents unpleasant smell. Such a sleek & minimalist design litter box with great functionality. After the stay, I am considering upgrading Mandoo’s litter box to Unicharm soon! For cat owners who are bringing your cat out for the first time, you may scoop a packet of cat litter from home and pour them right into the litter box the hotel provides.

As cats are scent-oriented, having their familiar scent around creates a sense of belonging and makes them feel relieved in the new environment! Right after we put his usual tofu cat litter into the hotel’s litter box, Mandoo came out from hiding and seemed to look more at ease!

Staycation litter box amara sanctuary

Mandoo Staycation Amara Sanctuary cat litter

Cat amenities amara sanctuary sentosa


The highlight of the trip for Mandoo was the cat welcome kit curated by Silversky and Stellar Pets. Inside the box were kibbles, wet food, toys and treats. Mandoo loves the Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels (Cage-free Chicken Recipe) from Stella & Chewy, and he pounced at the BowWow Korea Chupa Creamy Cat Treats too! These were the products he loved so much that we are already making several repurchases since we came home.

Amara Hotel Cat Staycation Welcome Kit
Mandoo waited impatiently right beside his welcome kit.

Cat Welcome Kit Amara Sanctuary Sentosa Blog

Mandoo Amara Sanctuary Sentosa Staycation

Mandoo the cat


After taking a quick dip at the pool, we spent quality time in the room with this curious boy. He enjoys chilling on the day bed with mama. Since this was his very first time exploring out of the house other than his usual grooming place, he was more explorative throughout the day. We also brought him out to the balcony (he has a penchant for birds) and even saw a peacock passing by the garden!

It was clear to us that Mandoo was unable to contain his excitement when he was having zoomies across the room at 2 A.M. He also explored the bathroom, made some noise that woke us up, mischievously stepped onto papa’s pillow and then decided to share my bed later. He doesn’t do all these at home so we concluded that this little rascal knows that it was his staycation and he gets to call the shots.

Mandoo Staycation Pheurontay

Amara Sancturay Resort Peacock
We brought Mandoo out to the balcony and saw a peacock!

Amara Sanctuary Pampered Meow

Mandoo the cat pheuron tay

Cat Staycation Singapore Sentosa
Little rascal decided to share the bed with mama in the middle of the night.
Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa Morning
Mandoo woke everyone up early in the morning.

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa Deluxe Room ceiling


The package includes complimentary breakfast for two at the resort’s restaurant – Shutters. So the sleep-deprived pawrents went for breakfast early in the morning. It rained the night before so it was a quiet and scenic stroll to the restaurant. The breakfast spread was pretty standard where you can select between continental breakfast or local spread. I’d recommend the Sentosa Breakfast Set, which was Nasi Lemak.

It was a school holiday the lean team at the restaurant appeared overwhelmed. Our food and drinks took some time to arrive. If you prefer taking breakfast with your fur kids, check out the beautiful outdoor seats.

Sentosa Resort Greenery

breakfast at Shutters Amara Sanctuary


After breakfast, we went for a leisure stroll with Mandoo. The cobblestone pathway along Courtyard Suites is one of the most beautiful areas of the hotel in my opinion. The colonial-style architecture in the former quarters of British Sergeants during WWII has its own charm. You can also discover the British Army Sole Cleaners at the entrance of the building, and two Air Raid Shelters built in WWII right opposite the Courtyard Suites.

Enjoy sentosa with pet

British Sole Cleaner World War Two

World War Two Singapore Air Raid Remains
World War II Air Raid on the resort’s ground.

Amara Sanctuary Hotel Courtyard Suite

Amara Sanctuary Resort Cat staycation

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa Historical building

Writer’s Note: I think Mandoo had a blast at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa’s Pampered Meows staycation! It was his first time visiting a resort and he was confident enough to explore the room in just 2 hours, which was pretty amazing! The room was large enough for a cat to run around, especially during cat zoomies! The cat amenities were well-curated, and we were happy to create precious memory with our furry kid at Sentosa.

While we enjoyed most of the stay, our experience would have been greatly improved if the hotel had set up the cat amenities before our check-in. While we do understand that it was a peak period, having made 3 calls in 2 hours to receive the litter box and feeding bowl was not ideal. We were really worried about Mandoo defecating in the room and causing more issues because the room wasn’t properly set up. To that young man from the front office (we forgot his name) who came to our rescue at the 3rd call, thank you very much! Please check out our trip via Instagram Reels:



Resort Details:

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa 
1 Larkhill Rd, Sentosa Island, 099394


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