Brunch at Symmetry

symmetry singapore haji lane cafe

symmetry singapore long black

I didn’t know I’d miss the place so bad. It is hot and humid nonetheless, but I miss the sunshine, the breeze and the happy energy. It is minus 13 degree celsius today in Seoul. I was quite determined not to go home this winter but looking at these old and unpublished pictures I am completely shaken up. I certainly don’t get natural sunlight like this when I take pictures recently — Now I regretted digging these old photos out.

symmetry brunch menu

This is a quick picture post about a Cafe at Kampong Glam, Bugis — Symmetry. The Symmetry function as a cafe by day and a restaurant by night, and they serve brunch in the weekends. Food’s styling and the menu have a casual Australian vibe, which appeals to me.

I had Symmetry Eggs Sur Le Flat and Tiger Prawn Aglio Olio. I am not too sure if they still keep the Aglio Olio on their weekend brunch menu, since it has been some time since I pay them a visit. Coffee wasn’t bad but my iced long black was a little too diluted. I’d say the overall dining experience was ok but they could probably improve on their service quality — Their staff seem busy forever. Well I do agree they are a bit pricey, but it is certainly a place I won’t mind visit again. (I’ll make sure I visit them early. Ohh! and hot coffee please! Perhaps a cup of Cappuccino in my next visit.)

symmetry eggs benedict

symmetry brunch

symmetry singapore haji lane cafe

symmetry singapore haji lane cafe


symmetry singapore haji lane cafe


collage window symmetry

symmetry cafe haji lane

this is life

symmetry haji lane

symmetry singapore

cafe at haji lane

cafe at haji lane




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