Biker Starlet: Popular Korean Designer Bag & Tips to get it cheaper

Biker Starlet Chungdam

Biker Starlet, a Seoul-based designer handbag brand that I longed introduce to my readers. It is currently one of the most sought after Korean designer bag in South Korea. Big shots like Girls Generation (SNSD) and members of K-pop idols, for example, AOA and Rainbow were seen carrying them around and it  seems to me that the brand has becoming one of the essential items to complete SNSD’s “Airport Fashion”. I came across with the brand some 2 years ago and purchased one of their bags back then. To date, I am still happy with it and I must say it is one of the bags I carry almost every day.

Recently, I got a chance to visit their flagship store at Chungdam-dong personally and I thought of sharing this Korean designer bag that I adore with you guys!  (Update as of Oct 2019: Biker Starlet has shifted their flagship store to Seongsu-Dong, address updated as below)

Biker Starlet Chungdam

So this brand has come into vogue, particularly these recent two years in South Korea. For those who are pretty updated on what’s happening in the Seoul fashion industry, you may have already noticed quite a number of socialites, fashion bloggers or models endorsed in this particular brand when they attended Seoul Fashion Week 2015 S/S.

Seoul Fashion Week 2015 S/S from Biker Starlet.
Seoul Fashion Week 2015 S/S from Biker Starlet.
Seoul Fashion Week 2015 S/S from Biker Starlet.
Seoul Fashion Week 2015 S/S from Biker Starlet.
Picture taken from Biker Starlet.
Picture taken from Biker Starlet.

Not only the K-pop idols are loving it, your favourite K-drama stars are appearing in different dramas with these bags. The visibility of these beauties has also increased in various variety shows. To name a few, KBS drama “Blue Bird” 파랑새 의 집, Blood 블러드, My Heart Shines 내마음반짝반짝, Birth of a Beauty 미녀의 탄생, Tasty Road, We Got Married’s Kim Soo Eun & Song Jaerim couple … you name it.

AoA Seol Hyun in Libby Bag and SNSD Sunny in Maya Clutch all from Biker Starlet. Picture from Biker Starlet.
AOA Seol Hyun in Libby Bag and SNSD Sunny in Maya Clutch. Picture from Biker Starlet.

Their signature bag, the Anne City is one of their best sellers so far. I like the slightly thicker gold chain, which makes the bag a bold statement piece. Just wear something simple and let the bag shine! Easy wardrobe solutions!

biker starlet signature bag, anne city
Biker Starlet ‘s Signature Bag: Anne City.

biker starlet 12

Next, I am going to introduce several classic designs by the brand, which are my favourite. I am planning to get another Biker Starlet soon but, frankly speaking, I can’t really decide which one to get yet. I mean, look at their design, they are so versatile, the colours are all very basic which make them so easy to work with your daily outfit ensemble.

The first one is Manuella, very cute robot (?) face suitable for both formal and casual look. I really like the two gold studs, also the buckle of the bag which comes in muted gold colour and a square shape. It just look like the mouth of a robot. What a cutie!

Biker Starlet bag, korean drama
Manuella Bag.

Next design that I have been pondering to get is Misty in Grey colour. I really love this particular design as it is a very classic and stylish bag to carry to work! I especially love the “grey” tone of the bag, which, unfortunately, doesn’t really show up nicely in my picture. If you go to their site and search up “Misty” you’ll be able to see how pretty the colour is. It is not exactly in grey, but a lighter shade of grey, with probably muted indie pink ground. A very sophisticated (and special) colour to begin with for your first Biker Starlet bag I would say.

Biker Starlet Misty Grey bag
Misty in Grey.

Introducing Libby in Black, a Daebak [means awesome in Korean] design from the brand. (Every Korean girls of my age love this!)  This particular shoulder bag has what it takes to be a popular item at the shopfloor. The rectangular body gives off the retro and classic look to the overall design. The bike logo, which was very different from the rest of the Biker Starlet bags, is probably the reason why this bag is a keeper for an avid Bikerstarlet collector. It is their only bag with this particular logo!  What is more, the bag is sturdy and could actually fit in more that you could imagine!

Biker Starlet bag, libby bag
Libby in Black.
Biker starlet, mia bag
Mia in Green.

Next, Mia in green from their mini bags series. I am never a fan of mini bags, perhaps because I am quite a practical person when it comes to bags. But this one was exceptional. Look how it completes my look! If you are looking for a mini bag with a sense of detail in design, do head over to their official site and take a look at their mini bag range.

Biker Starlet bag chungdam

Biker Starlet Chungdam


On the racks are the new 2015 S/S designs! We see some slight changes in the new 2015 S/S design: In conjunction with the breezy spring, a series of pastel colours we added to the collection, something we have never seen in Biker Starlet, a refreshing change! The signature metallic “eyes” aka two buttons on the bag is retained on most of their new designs, which is a plus in my book. I am totally in love with their new Taylor and Sadie bag, especially the small Taylor in off-white, and Sadie in Black, or Burgundy.

Taylor Bag - Small - Off White
Taylor Bag – Small – Off White. Picture from Biker Starlet online.
Sadie - Black and Burgundy
Sadie Bag- Black and Burgundy. Picture from Biker Starlet online.

I tried on Taylor Small Red on my visit that day. The small size looks really cute but if you are looking for the functionality of the bag, I would suggest you to go for the normal size tailor, which look just nice for work and play! Oh well, but I do agree small shoulder bags do have their charm!

biker starlet taylor
Taylor Small in Red.

My Review on Biker Starlet Rider Bag:

I got my Rider bag some 2 years ago, probably the original version. Completed with a unique design and a huge body, it is a very practical bag, for both school and work. It is a very easy piece to work with — I wear it almost every season. It was also featured on Who Are You? The 2013 TV series starring Soh Yi Hyun.


The Rider bag is such a convenient daily bag in my wardrobe!  It  fits my Macbook air, water bottle, makeup pouch, and sometimes I even managed to stuff a scarf in! It is certainly a very sturdy bag made of heavy duty leather. After 2 years of wear and tear, it still looks quite perfect. It is also one of my go-to bags when I travel, particularly due to its size and the two very useful pockets outside. One downside: the bag is quite heavy I must say.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam
Rider Bag at Taejongdae Park, Busan.


Tips To Get It Cheaper:

A Biker Starlet bag will cost about USD 300-500 or more, depending on the size and design. If you are residing in South Korea, you may want to sign up their membership. The company holds private sales every summer and winter, sometimes they offer up to 80% discount deals during the private sales.

If you are residing out of Korea, it is also advisable for you to sign up as a member on their English site to accumulate points and enjoy membership discount.

Biker Starlet Chungdam

Contact Details:

Biker Starlet 바이커스탈렛 *Click* 

2019 New Store: 13 Sangwon-gil, Seongsu-dong 1(il)-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: 02-518-1446

Myeong Dong Lotte Department Store
2F Between, 1, Sogong-dong, Junggu, Seoul
Tel: 02-772-3386

Jamsil Lotte Department Store 
2F between, 40-1, Jamsil 3-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Tel: 01-2143-7221

Please check their websites for other stores.


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  1. Chanced upon your blog when i was researching designer bags in korea.The biker bag looks great! Gonna add it to my ahopping list. How much is it?

    • Hello dear, thanks for commenting. Biker bag is such a darling right, so versatile suitable for any look. I couldn’t remember how much was it. You may want to check out their official page, which is linked at the bottom of the article? 🙂 Happy Shopping!

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